Rows of Health Screening for Women to Do

Screening is a health check conducted to assess whether a person has risk factors for a health problem. Screening aims to provide information as well as appropriate handling if found risks for certain diseases. For women, there are several health screening that needs to be done. Screening is done, can vary for each woman, according to needs. This depends on your age, personal and family health history, and other risk factors that may be present, such as body weight, work, and environmental or residential conditions. Various Screening for Women Here are some health screening that should be done by for women: Blood pressure screening Blood pressure testing or screening is done to find out blood pressure, in order to monitor the risk of hypertension. Women aged 20 years are recommended to have their blood pressure checked at least once every two years. For women aged 40 years and over, it is necessary to routinely check blood pressure, especially if you have hypertension risk facto…
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